The Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway is a for-profit Limited Liability Company based in Northwestern Idaho.
Our mission is to provide shippers in the Palouse River Valley with a distinctive freight rail experience
that goes beyond transportation, ensuring our customers unparalleled product fulfillment.
Discover how we can elevate your logistics strategy with shipments by rail.

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Welcome to the WIM

Thank you for your interest in the Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway. As we form our operation, more information and content will become available.

If you are looking for information on the WI&M History Preservation Group and the historic depot in Potlatch, Please visit their website at WWW.WIMRYHPG.ORG

Why Choose Us

The WI&M is dedicated to optimizing the supply chain operations of businesses in the upper Palouse River Valley region. By providing dependable rail switching services, we offer a cost-effective and efficient solution that helps shippers overcome the logistical challenges of conventional trucking options. Our goal is to help local companies increase their competitive advantage by streamlining their transportation processes, reducing transit times, and improving overall efficiency.

This can be achieved by:

Tailor our service to the unique need of each customer.

Find balance between maximized savings and minimized car dwell.

Improved marketing to increase customer base and rail traffic.

Interchange with the Spokane, Spangle & Palouse Railroad
(our Class 1 railroad connector) in a reliable, safe, and timely manner.



Develop and maintain a workforce absolutely committed to safety in the workplace.


Establish transload customers at the three sites along our tracks within the first year.

Short Haul

Expand the short haul railroad market (under 500 miles) by partnering with other shortlines.


Create compensation packages for full time employees that attract and retain the right people who will drive the organization to excellence.


Forge marketing relationships with local companies that ship bulk goods to expand the viability of railroad service in the upper Palouse River Valley.


Locate and develop opportunites to grow our buisness for the benefit of all communties and businesses within the upper Palouse River Valley.


Miles of Track


Potential Transload Sites


Car Storage Capacity


Class 1 Connection

System Map

Our Team

John K. Howell

Senior Adviser

Jason J. Hill

General Manager

Maddie D. Farnsworth


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